Adult Tricycle Morphs Into Snowplow

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Adult Trycycle SnowplowHere’s another custom adult tricycle made by a genius tinkerer. It’s a three-wheeled, human powered snowplow. Adult tricycle gone extreme utility!

As originally featured in a Makezine story on this adult tricycle snowplow the inventor explains how he wanted something to clear light snow from his driveway. The plow is manipulated by a hand-operated lever and can handle small surface bumps. Judging from the photo, there’s lots of room for more attachments on this double-framed utility tricycle.

This homemade adult tricycle may not be quite up to handling more than just a little snow, but he must certainly be the envy of all his neighbors!

The Fast And Fun Adult Tricycle That Gets Noticed

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adult ticycle velomobileThe engineer’s ultimate fun adult tricycle!  The design of recumbent trikes offer both biomechanical and aerodynamic efficiencies.  However, some adult tricycles take it to one more level by designing a full fairing, essentially enclosing the rider in a shell.

These velocipedes or velomobiles, as they’re often called, are street legal cycles, and may also be ridden on bike paths.  The shells or fairings may be composed of a variety of materials.  The velocipede by Go-One³ shown here includes a chassis made of a combination of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and kevlar.

The speed of a velomobile will be a bit faster than a standard recumbent trike due to improved aerodynamics.  Additionally, fatigue will be less, enabling the rider to pedal longer.   However, riding inside a plastic bubble is a bit like, well, exercising in a plastic bubble.  Decreased air circulation means a hotter ride, and interior humidity can cause fogging (which can be remedied with an anti-fog agent).

What about visibility in traffic of this low ride adult tricycle?  A lower profile likely makes the velomobile less visible than a large vehicle, although the unique design will certainly draw attention.   This particular style of adult tricycle is not for those wishing to remain inconspicuous.
There are several designers of velomobiles around the world.  For more information on the velomobile adult tricycles, take a visit to their website.

Tricycles For Adults Can Be Sporty

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When it comes to tricycles for adults, one popular sport cycle design is the ‘tadpole’.  These recumbent trikes have the single wheel in the back of the trike rather than the front.  While several factors contribute the the stability of tricycles for adults, this tadpole design has a remarkably stable feel.

The body position while riding recumbent trikes can feel a little strange if you’re not used to riding this style of adult tricycles, after just a short time it can be quite comfy.

This video shows how tricycles for adults can be both sporty and relaxing at once.  The rider is in a comfortable position.  This recumbent trike features brakes and mirrors, in addition to multiple gears to suit the terrain.  The rider herself is in a comfortable, ergonomically safe position, and is enjoying a casual ride.

If you’re looking at tricycles for adults, the tadpole design (produced by several manufacturers) offers a nice, sporty, comfortable ride.  Go take a tricycle for a test ride!

Adult Tricycles Help Keep Seniors Fit

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Pedaling into your ’70′s and beyond?  Meg Hagerty writes a good post at about the versatility that an adult tricycle brings to seniors.
Hagerty writes about New York seniors who embrace the cold season and refuse to join the snowbirds of New York.  They take aging in stride and keep active both physically and mentally.
She specifically mentions Pete Smith, a former athlete who rides his adult tricycle to stay active. She writes:

  • …85-year-old Pete Smith of Queensbury, a former physical education teacher, has had to make some accommodations for ailments that have cropped up with age.He was a competitive rower up until five years ago when he developed neuropathy in his legs. He bought an adult tricycle and now pedals around his complex year-round, logging six miles a day.

    As long as the plows have removed the snow, Pete said he’ll pedal the pavement.

    “I’ll be approaching 10,000 miles in January,” he said. “I don’t give up the exercise.”

    …The couple agreed that they love the change of seasons and would miss living in a place where they didn’t have snow. Clearly, they try not to let age and ailments stop them from enjoying the frosty weather.

    “I try, by example, to get older people off their butts, have less horse manure and more horse power,” Pete said with a laugh.

Terra Trike – A Slick Tricycle For Active Adults

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Here’s a cool video showing the sporty lifestyle of people using adult tricycles.  The video shows one of Terra Trike showing one of their adult tricycles.  This recumbent trike one is their Zoomer models.  From touring, to getting groceries, to just going out for a coffee, the video really highlights the fun of a recumbent adult trike.
From the Zoomer web site:

  • The Zoomer and Zoomer Elite are perfect for the triker that wants the feel of a sports car and is addicted to speed. With an aluminum frame and entry level pricing, these trikes will give you responsive and sporty handling, lightweight frame and gears to put you at the head of the pack. Upgrade to the Zoomer Elite and you get even more high-end components and features.

Recumbent Trikes Offer Fun Fitness Options For Adults

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Adult tricycles come in many styles, and one that is sporty and efficient is the recumbent adult trike.  Recumbent trikes are 3-wheeled vehicles where the rider’s legs stretch out in front.

Because of the aerodynamic design, and efficient biomechanical position of the rider, recumbent trikes can be very quick vehicles.    A supportive seat back to push against, helps produces just as much energy as an upright cyclist, and the recumbent trike can be a very efficient finess machine.  Hills are very easy to climb.

Adult trikes are found in both Delta (1 wheel in front) or Tadpole (1 wheel in back) design.  Each handles abit differently, but the low center of gravity makes each adult tricycle a stable ride.

It’s often not the best option for adults with adaptive needs, adult recumbent trikes offer a fun way for active adults to tour and get fit.

Bare Bones Adult Trycycle – What, No Cup Holder?

December 21st, 2009 2 comments

Here’s an adult tricycle that looks ultra cush!  The frame makes it easy to enter, and the high-back padded seat looks comfy.  No chain means low maintenance on this adult trike!  I just can’t see the cup holder…

Regular Maintenance For Adult Tricycles

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adult tricycle wrenchMaintenance?  Well, this will be short…
In general, adult tricycles are designed for comfort and ease of use, and don’t require a lot of maintenance.  But just like a bicycle or any other gear that’s used on a regular basis, a well-maintained tricycle will keep you safe and give you an enjoyable ride.
And no, you don’t need to take your adult trike in to the shop.  The kinds of maintenance adult tricycles need are things you can do yourself.

  • Lubricate The Tricycle Chain – this is a very simple process.  Just take a rag and wipe off the grease on the chain.  Yes, it’ll be dirty…. Then put some chain oil on a clean part of your rag and rub it on the chain.  You say, “Chain oil? What’s that?” Get it from your bike store.  It’s similar to WD-40 but just a little heavier.
  • Check The Tricycle Frame – You’ll almost never find any cracks because frames generally carry a lifetime warranty.  But it’s not bad to make a habit of looking over your adult trike on a regular basis for imperfections.  Pay special attention to the joint areas and any weld spots on the tricycle.
  • Inspect The Tricycle Tires and Wheels – Obviously, you’ll know if you have a flat.  But keep an eye on the condition of your tires.  Adult Tricycle tires will last a long time, but watch for any splits or cracks that leave vulnerable spots.  Especially if you store your tricycle outside.  Your tricycle wheels will also require little maintenance, but you’ll want to make sure they’re not wobbly and don’t touch the brake pads when you spin the wheels.
  • Tricycle Brakes – probably the most important of all, but not difficult.  Check for two things: tight brackets and good condition.  There are just a few variations in braking systems on adult tricycles, but regardless of the type, just make sure they remain attached to the frame firmly.  Try to wiggle the brackets with your fingers, and if there’s play, you’ll need to tighten them or have the shop do it for you.  If your tricycle brakes  have pads, check for clean pads and even wear.  If it has a disk, check that the disk is still flat (you’ll likely be able to feel it when braking if it’s not). 

That’s about it for regular maintenance of adult tricycles.  Keep it clean, and dry, take care of any spots that need attention, and your adult tricycle will keep you happy!

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle – A Classic Trike

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Schwinn Adult TricycleSome adult tricycles are built for ease of use and stability.  That’s the case with Schwinn’s classic adult trike, the Meridian.  This tricycle is easily accessible, featuring a low step-through frame, a padded cruiser saddle and dependable front and rear brakes.  This single speed trike will get you around easily and comfortably. Go for a long, leisurely ride in the city, or pack the rear storage basket with a blanket and picnic lunch to complete your perfect afternoon.

The Meridian is available at bicycle stores and many department stores such as Sears and Wal-Mart.

Adult tricycles such as this are commonly sought by seniors, adults, and disabled.  It has classic Schwinn durability and is well-liked by owners.  Here’s some excerpts from owners.

  • I think these adult tricycles would be a great selling item for impulse shoppers and Christmas shoppers looking for a special gift for a love one.
  • I was 60 years old, female, 5 foot 1, and over 215 lbs when I got the hang of it. I have felt 9 years old again when I am riding ever since. So easy to peddle. It makes your blood move through your body and your knees thank you. It is exactly the right exercise machine for me. The seat could even be lower than I need and it has just a lever to make the change. Sitting upright to peddle makes your bottom feel smaller and your back doesn’t hurt.
  • The Bike itself is VERY WELL BUILT. The single gear is not good trying to ride up a hill, three speed option would be nice. The Handle Bars, grips, and Seat are really comfortable, with one suggestion to make the seat with a backrest.
  • I bought this bike for my mother. I was worried that a traditional 2-wheel bike would be hard for her to ride as she is getting older and her feet always hurt. She loves this Tricycle. It is very easy for her to ride.

So for a good, solid, easy-to-operate ride, this is a good call.  Not many bells & whistles other than the basket, but this single speed ride is great for those wanting an easy, fun way to get some exercise and recreation.

Adult Tricycles – An Ideal Tool For Fun, Adaptive Activities

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yellow adult tricycle

yellow adult tricycle

Adults with adaptive needs, the elderly, or anyone looking for recreation when a bicycle just isn’t quite right find lots of options in adult tricycles. Riding a bicycle needs balancing skills that some people lack, and that third wheel of the adult trike provides the needed stability.

While children use a small-sized tricycle for play, an adult trike can be used for recreation, but can also be useful for, shopping and exercise. In fact, in Asian countries, adult tricycles are commonly used for transporting supplies, goods, and even people.

Options In Adult Tricycles

  • Upright or recumbent trike style
  • Motorized
  • Hand Cranks
  • Utility Baskets
  • Single wheel in front or in back
  • Designs optimized for speed, comfort, or utility
  • Disk brakes and hand or “parking” brakes

Adult Tricycles Are Utility For Those With Limited Mobility

Adult tricycles are ideal for anyone who may have difficulty riding bicycles, as they have excellent maneuverability stability, and comfort. Moreover, they are very convenient for those adults who are worried about falls. Tricycles do not need a kickstand and can climb and ride at low speeds. Riders can also escape the rigors of bad weather as some recumbent tricycles can be fully enclosed. Some adult tricycles can also be fitted with a storage box that is placed between the rear wheels.